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Leadership is a group project, and all of us are necessary to fill it. Wise leaders will realise this and encourage their groups to develop their own, evolving leadership potential.
Arnold Mindell

I have run groups and training for the last 19 years in nearly every demographic. I’ve worked with employees, consumers, young people, large audiences and everyone in between. I’m strengths-based, confident with conflict, and enjoy finding meaning in challenges, transforming that meaning into something useful, and setting about getting to the end goal.  I am passionate about the power of creativity to unlock hidden potential within teams, and assisting groups to connect with each other through their differences to generate new solutions to existing challenges. If your organisation is looking for an approach that is first of all practical, whilst being innovative and engaging – get in touch.

  • Co-design with Communities
  • Strategic Visioning & Planning for Communities
  • Team Building
  • Team & Workplace Coaching
  • Leadership and Executive Coaching
  • Working with Values
  • Public Speaking
  • Fostering Collaboration
  • Role Play for Adaptive challenges
  • Forum Theatre for troubleshooting and problem solving

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  • Community Engagement
  • Co-design with Communities
  • Strategic Visioning & Planning with & for Communities
  • Systems Mapping & Needs Analysis
  • Asset-based Leadership development
  • Community Capacity Building

Call Ph: 0468 390 273 now to discuss your group or organisation’s needs.


  • Building readiness for change
  • Identifying the collective vision
  • Negotiating a shared agenda
  • transforming challenges and conflict
  • capacity building

Call Ph: 0468 390 273 now to discuss your group or organisation’s needs.


I have developed a range of training workshops that can be adapted across corporate and community contexts. Currently running are workshops in the following:

  • Introduction to Adaptive Leadership
  • Working Together Tools (skills to enhance collaboration)
  • Working with Conflict training
    • Understanding Cause, Context & Rank
    • Escalation & De-escalation
  • Introduction to Forum Theatre
  • Forum Theatre Joker Training

I also offer ongoing faciltiation/coaching for teams around current issues (hot potato) and ongoing conflict supervision (for teams or groups that work with conflict on a regular basis). See below for more details on these programs.

Call Ph: 0468 390 273 now to discuss your group or organisation’s needs.

Hot Potato: Group Conflict Facilitation on a Current Issue

This involves facilitating a group discussion around a particular hot topic in a workplace or community. An emphasis is placed on exploring the depth and nature of the conflict, and naming next steps that the group would want to take on the issue.


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Ongoing Team Coaching (Conflict focus)

Bi monthly 2hr conflict coaching sessions to explore a team or organisation response to conflict cases.

SESSION LENGTH: 2hrs x 5 Sessions

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