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Group Facilitation, Co-design & Consulting

Leadership is a group project, and all of us are necessary to fill it. Wise leaders will realise this and encourage their groups to develop their own, evolving leadership potential.
Arnold Mindell

I work with teams, groups and communities to access, embrace and harness their own sources of wisdom – whether it be to solve challenges or create something new for a better world. My job is to tune-in to your context and work with you to develop something meaningful, effective and a custom fit for your purpose.

Common structures that I work with:

  • Co-designing meaningful and creative community engagement and experience – eg. Audience and client interactions and feedback processes, working with and valuing the voices of those with lived experience, cross sector planning sessions, events or experiences to harness collective wisdom.
  • Creating inclusive and safe(r) spaces
  • Debrief sessions – Co-Designing and facilitating meaningful sessions to unpack or uncover the learning within a situation.
  • Facilitating difficult conversations – to get underneath an issue, to the thing that is getting in the way, and recalibrating towards purpose.
  • Assisting you to design experiential depth into your training by creative ways of connecting the individual to the purpose
  • Co-developing meaningful and congruent values or working principles
  • Reflection processes for learning
  • Co-designing training towards improving collaboration
  • Workplace wellbeing processes – around sustainability, collaboration
  • Creative Innovation and Generating Ideas processes – Eg brainstorming, visioning sessions
  • Developing role plays for scenario work or Adaptive challenges
  • Team building
  • Group or Team Coaching

Disturbances and differences in group life can be uncomfortable, but they always have meaning. And that meaning is specific to that group.  They also hold energy. Energy to harness! I support people to understand and focus on what is emerging from the group without judgement – to see and open to it as information and then uncover the link between that meaning and the group’s purpose.
I draw upon a mix of approaches that span creativity and Arts-based practice, Process-oriented Psychology, Systems thinking, Adaptive leadership, Asset-based Community Development, Collective Impact and practically anything that works. You bring your expertise and together we can get about to harness that meaning and the energy within it towards the goals, vision or work you want to do together.

Call Ph: 0468 390 273 or email [email protected] now to discuss your group or organisation’s needs.

Place-based Leadership Development & Co-design

  • Lived experience leadership development and Coaching
  • Community Engagement
  • Co-design with Communities
  • Strategic Visioning & Planning with & for Communities
  • Systems Mapping & Needs Analysis
  • Asset-based Leadership development
  • Community Capacity Building
  • Building readiness for change
  • Transforming challenges & conflict

Call Ph: 0468 390 273 or email [email protected] now to discuss your group or organisation’s needs.

Customised Training Delivery

I have developed and co-developed a range of training workshops that can be adapted across organisational and community contexts.

I also offer ongoing faciltiation/coaching for teams.

Call Ph: 0468 390 273 or email [email protected] now to discuss your group or organisation’s needs.