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Training Delivery

I have developed a range of training workshops that can be adapted across government, corporate and community contexts. Currently running are workshops in the following:

  • Introduction to Adaptive Leadership
  • Working Together Tools (skills to enhance collaboration)
  • Working with Conflict training
    • Understanding Cause, Context & Rank
    • Escalation & De-escalation
  • Introduction to Forum Theatre
  • Forum Theatre Joker Training

I also offer ongoing faciltiation/coaching for teams around current issues (hot potato) and ongoing conflict supervision (for teams or groups that work with conflict on a regular basis). See below for more details on these programs.

Call Ph: 0468 390 273 now to discuss your group or organisation’s needs.


Upcoming Public Workshops


Skills for deeply transformational Group Work: May-Nov 2020

The Process Oriented Advanced Facilitation Training program is designed for people who are looking for a powerful facilitation framework in which to understand group dynamics in depth and their own unique style as a facilitator. A highly experiential program for facilitators wanting to deepen their skills and learn more about themselves at the same time.

Taught by team of highly experienced facilitators and Process Workers, this course aims to equip facilitators with the cutting-edge skills needed to facilitate the complex systemic issues our communities, organisations and governments are grappling with, now more than ever.

Applications close 1 April.

Upcoming Public Events


Newcastle, May 2020

Details coming soon

Past Workshops


This is not a workshop about parenting.
It’s about you.

We all experience motherhood in different ways, yet however you experience it, Motherhood is a change agent. You get cooked – at all different stages of the process. Encased in pressure, fire, warmth and heat, things start to crack and open up as something different emerges. For some it’s a nice simmering experience, for others it’s like being in a pressure cooker about to explode! 
Ultimately, it is an opportunity for personal transformation, but it’s hard to identify with that when you feel like you don’t have any control over the process. This one day intensive workshop will focus on giving you some creative tools to understand how you personally are being ‘cooked’ at this moment – drawing your awareness to what is changing for you, and how to distil down to your deeper nature, without getting burnt. We will work together to find your unique qualities as a woman, your own personal mojo, and look at how you can further bring that to the world.


  • Have fun and share experiences and challenges with a group of women who support the full, true you
  • Introduce the concept of ‘Wu Wei’ or ‘doing by not-doing’ to be both kinder to ourselves and more time effective
  • Identify what gets in the way of you bringing your mojo to the table and find ways to work with it
  • Use creative techniques to rediscover and connect with the core ‘you’ underneath your role as a mother
  • Plan how you will bring more of your mojo into your family life and your purpose in the wider world
  • Develop your own personal ‘habits’ and anchoring points for remembering and staying connected to your true qualities

EMAIL [email protected] NOW TO BOOK YOUR PLACE – only 4 places remaining!

WHEN: Sunday 18 Sept, 2016
TIME: 10am-4pm (afternoon tea included)
WHERE: Elderly Citizens Centre, Laing St, Newcastle
COST: $100

There are limited places available, so booking is essential. To register your place, email the following information:

  • Your full name
  • contact phone number
  • Postal and email address

to: [email protected] with ‘motherhood mojo’ in the subject line.
Feel free to call Beck for any enquiries or further information on 0468 390 273

Once booking is confirmed, payment can be made via direct deposit to
Acc Name: Beck Ronkson Counselling
BSB: 944-300
Acc No: 016173449