Harnessing your potential

Develop your own Inner Support Team – Coaching Package

Our minds are amazing things, capable of so much. Yet they can also be a curse, particularly when we are stuck and just can’t seem to get out of our own way.  Why can’t our amazing minds work for us, not against us?!

Developing your Inner Team is one way to harness the incredible and diverse capacity of the mind and spirit that is yours. It’s a strengths based approach to build your capacity to support yourself through what life throws. However, seeing the full breadth of ourselves is almost impossible without a bit of initial outside perspective. We often don’t value or appreciate what things others see in us. Together we’ll capitalise on my outside perspective by working with you to build your own unique and diverse internal support team. 
Through this process you can expect: 

  • To learn about the multiple and diverse parts of yourself,
  • Understand your strengths,
  • Recognise where you tend to get caught, 
  • Identify what is emerging as directional growth areas for you and
  • Develop strategies to harness these different aspects of yourself to meaningfully align with your purpose, work and daily life.

The Inner Team Coaching package consists of 4 online sessions.

You will leave with an expanded understanding and appreciation for all that you are, a deeper connection to what is alive in you, and direct techniques for how to harness different parts of yourself for different purposes.

SESSION LENGTH: 1hr x 4 sessions (4hrs total)
COST: $650.00
WHERE: Online on Zoom
START DEVELOPING YOUR OWN INNER SUPPORT TEAM NOW by emailing [email protected] with ‘Inner Team Coaching Package’ in the subject line and I’ll get back with details and a schedule of potential times. 


Leadership, Executive & Team Coaching – Newcastle, Hunter & Sydney NSW or Online

Looking for a soundboard? A sustainable work practice? Someone who can listen, and help you sift through the myriad of competing needs to find where your energy is best placed? In the workplace or online, coaching sessions offer Leaders and their teams a chance to truly maximise theirs and others potential, by attending to underlying individual and collective dynamics, or bringing awareness to our roles in the system itself. Having a coaching/reflection process with someone outside the system fosters perspective and carves out a space for new insights and discoveries to emerge. My particular coaching style attends to what drives us beneath the work, with an emphasis on aligning our deeper personal motivations with our work goals – promoting energy, productivity and sustainability.

SESSION LENGTH: customised, min 1hr.
WHERE: in the workplace, or online via Zoom or your work’s online platform.

For Coaching Engagement enquiries, email me at [email protected] or ph. 0468 390 273

Life Coaching – Newcastle NSW or Online

Do you want to harness the absolute maximum potential you have to offer? Coaching is a practical and supported way that you can reconnect to what’s important to you, and take concrete steps to make your dreams a reality. My particular focus is also to support you to build your ability to access your own deep wisdom to guide your decision making, as we target and learn from what gets in the way. Perhaps you are at a crossroads, or need new perspectives for a challenging situation. Together we will focus simultaneously on what you are directly intentional about, but also what is emerging naturally and creatively – aligning with what is truly and deeply, you. Sustainability is an important and crucial value in our work.

WHERE: Online via zoom, or onsite in Newcastle (details provided upon booking) 
Ph: 0468 390 273 now to have a free chat to discuss your needs.

Process-Oriented Supervision – Newcastle NSW or Online

Are you wanting to bring more Processwork into your therapy or facilitation practice? Or perhaps you are a student studying Process-oriented methods. When people first come across Processwork as a modality, they tend to get curious about how it works and want more!  As a Processwork diplomate (the highest International level of training) I am accredited to train and offer supervision in Processwork. I’m also a core faculty member and trainer at ANZPOP (Australia & New Zealand Process Oriented Psychology) 

WHERE: Online via Zoom, or onsite in Newcastle (details provided upon booking)
Email me at [email protected] to discuss your needs.